We provide full Go-to-Market services, including marketing, legal, and accounting needs, in preparation of your Public listing.

Corporate Strategy

As part of our portfolio of companies, we work with you over the course of a year with coaching and advising to help you follow a predictable path to growth. The companies we are working with also have a path to go public, which gives investors a path to liquidity.

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Financial Advisory

Advice on capital structure, 5-year planning, pro-forma readiness, recommendations of types of investment vehicles to maximize your chances of success.

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Board & Advisory

Build a sustainable capital structure that protects your business and equity through our board, advisory, and consulting services.

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Private Placement

We leverage our extensive network of investors to connect you with the right strategic capital, all while protecting your cap table.

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Shell Investments

Utilize UpCapital's Shells positioned for the Canadian public markets. We consult with highly respected McMillan Law to oversee our securities and Go-Public plans to help you adhere to regulatory requirements.

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