LyteHorse Electric Stand-Up ATV Reaches Major Milestone with 120th Unit Sold

Canadian 'Electric Stand-Up ATV' Company, LyteHorse Labs, celebrates the sale of its 120th stand-up ATV made for utility and recreational use

REGINA, SKAug. 5, 2021 /CNW/ - It's a celebration of firsts as LyteHorse Labs crosses the threshold of 120 units sold, a major milestone for this Canadian Electric Stand-Up ATV company based in Regina, Saskatchewan. Buyers from 30 US states and 8 countries outside of North America are represented.

This accomplishment comes from humble beginnings as brothers Allen and Brad Bonk began their project of creating an electric stand-on golf vehicle. Now, the LyteHorse machine has evolved into an unprecedented, unrivaled all-wheel drive, high performance utility vehicle that is designed for both work and play.

"Early on, we were focused on a design and form factor that would excite people," says Allen Bonk, CEO of LyteHorse Labs. "We seem to have done just that, judging by all the attention we're getting."

LyteHorse has overcome a great many challenges that include going through several design iterations, building a world-class team of advisors, and experiencing COVID-19's impact on the supply chain.

The LyteHorse has gained quick popularity in allowing the user to 'Ride High. Run Free.TM' with it's step-on and go design that is able to maneuver tight spaces, rugged terrain, and even climb stairs with ease. Its towing ability is also impressive with over 2,500 pounds of capacity and it can travel up to a 360 mile range with an additional complement of batteries.

The lifetime of the in-house built battery is around 2,500 cycles—that translates to nearly 7 years of use if charged every day—before a battery pack may need replacement. The LyteHorse can operate optimally in temperatures ranging from 40ºC / 110ºF and down to -20ºC / -4ºF, with continuous advancements being made in battery optimization.

Bonk states, "One of the very unique features of the LyteHorse is that we designed it so there is ZERO scheduled maintenance required."

LyteHorse's wide range of uses include:

  • Mining & railroad
  • Warehouse / Industrial
  • Military
  • Law enforcement
  • Fish & game
  • First responders
  • Search & rescue
  • Campus security & maintenance
  • Airports
  • Recreation / Golf / Hunting
  • Resort use
  • Shipyards
  • Last mile delivery

With the recent production level partnership between LyteHorse and Mayco International in Sterling Heights, MI, a tier 1 automotive component and engineering supplier, LyteHorse Labs is well positioned to scale up to meet virtually any demand.

Further pilot projects are also currently underway through multiple law enforcement and security agencies.

"The company dream has come to life; now it's time to execute. We have the product, the brand and the scale to accomplish that. Our Zero Noise and Zero Emission design features, coupled with a zero scheduled maintenance requirement, ensures a very bright future for LyteHorse."

Reservations for the LyteHorse can be made directly on the LyteHorse Labs website, with delivery anticipated for Fall 2021. Discussions are already underway with dealers and distributors to engage in early 2022.

About LyteHorse Labs:
LyteHorse Labs was created by brothers Allen and Brad Bonk to push the boundaries of electric vehicle utility. Their mission and unwavering focus is to build the world's most advanced and innovative electric stand-up ATVs that help ensure a sustainable and greener earth, all while creating a radically unique and fun user and workforce experience.

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